Saturday, November 9, 2013

ecological family at holidays

holidays is approaching Spanish households . In families with children , the event often becomes something very special. However, it is also one of the times of year when it produces more waste .

When preparing holidays at home , often do not think about the environment. holidays is one of the times of year when more energy consumption and residus are generated . At home we try to reduce waste for a holidays family more sustainable.

At home : reduce , reuse, recycle

This is the basic rule to follow at home all year . At holidays the family should be especially careful . In general , waste packaging and further increases are plastics, food waste , firs .

The electricity and home heating also suffer a significant increase at this time of year. Amid the joy, many families do not stop to think about how to make this a learning lesson for kids green .

Some tips for the family

When holidays arrives home , parents should try not to squander and buy and decorate with common sense. At lunchtime , rationing well what it will take to avoid wasting it. When decorating , we can choose green or natural objects : many homes decorated with flowers, leaves , pine cones, twigs , crafts made ??by children ...

The wrappers children gifts can reuse , or exchange boxes, also reusable . When all the toys have been opened and the house is full of boxes, we also separate and recycle .

The firs are also often a problem. If at home we have a natural aveto can not quit all year , we look for the nearest collection point . Plastic trees can be reused, but also deshecharlos pollutant.

It's a good time of year to teach children to be responsible with spending , and, incidentally , make the family do not spend much money . On the website of Ecologists in Action , year after year , publish reports to help families to consume responsibly at this time . Here is the link .